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Slashdot The Star That Exploded At the Dawn of Time

Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

Scientists Developing Remote-Control Cyborg Moths

How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?

FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

Future Hack: New Cybersecurity Tool Predicts Breaches Before They Happen

NASA's Space Launch System Searches For a Mission

At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 5 and 6 of 6)

New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells

Microsoft Lobby Denies the State of Chile Access To Free Software

Book Review: Social Engineering In IT Security Tools, Tactics, and Techniques

How Game Developers Turn Kickstarter Failure Into Success

Metamaterial Superconductor Hints At New Era of High Temperature Superconductors

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Experimental Drug Stops Ebola-like Infection

Dramatic Shifts In Manufacturing Costs Are Driving Companies To US, Mexico

Interviews: Andrew "bunnie" Huang Answers Your Questions

Couchsurfing Hacked, Sends Airbnb Prank Spam

The 2014 Hugo Awards

Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

Professor Steve Ballmer Will Teach At Two Universities This Year

The First Particle Physics Evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

National Science Foundation Awards $20 Million For Cloud Computing Experiments

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SoylentNews Minecraft Players Build Working “Hard Disk”

Surface 3 Review

How to Break Cryptography with Your Bare Hands

Sea Plankton Found on Outside of International Space Station

Mayor's Minimum Wage Veto Overridden by San Diego City Council

How Can One Browse through Posts to a Google Circle Community?

More Journalists Arrested Covering Ferguson Protests

China's Coal Consumption Dropped for the First Time this Century

UPS Says 51 Stores Infected with Credit Card Stealing Malware

No, Munich Isn't About To Ditch Free Software and Move Back to Windows

Jet Engine Parts 3D Printed With Electron Gun

Adam Carolla's Patent Troll Case: Settlement (NDA); Must Pay For His Own Lawyers; No Precedent

Website Aims to Publicly Shame Apps with Lax Security

Activists Oppose Solar Plant that Sets Birds on Fire

A Degree from a For-Profit College is the Same as No College when Seeking a Job

Scientific Peer Review Forum Threatened with Legal Action

Microsoft Urges Customers to Uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' Update

Invisible Chair

Security Flaws in Backscatter X-ray Scanners

Children Shift to Retrieving Facts from Memory to Solve Math Problems

Linux Foundation Introduces New Linux Certification Program

Users Urged to Shun Beheading Video to Respect James Foley

Bruce Schneier: Breaking the NSA is One Way to Save the Internet

Nightly Firefox Android Gets Chromecast Support

Australia's Tax Office Announces it Will Not Treat Bitcoin as Money

Google's Driverless Cars Programmed to Break the Speed Limit

New Tool Makes Online Personal Data More Transparent

White House Meets with Big Business on Immigration

Ballmer Quits Microsoft Board to Spend More Time With His NBA Team

News Aggregator Fark Bans Misogyny

Facebook Trialling "[Satire]" Tag in Users' Feeds

Delaware Becomes First State to Give Heirs Access to Digital Assets

First Release of the GPLGPU - A Truly Free GPU

Cisco Terminates 6000 Workers While Buying Back $1.5B In Stock

Bizarre Worm-Like Fossil Linked to Modern Group of Animals

Family's Pathologists Have Examined Michael Brown's Corpse

Counter To Hacienda Spy Program Developed

Why Most Companies Don't Respect Software Engineers

Greenwald Calls Out CIA Funded NPR Propaganda

One Codex Wants To Be The Google For Genomic Data

New Method of Cultivating Cancer-Fighting T Cells

systemd: Harbinger of the Linux Apocalypse.

Entertainment HUDs in Cars: Pros and Cons

Download Wrappers and Unwanted Software are Pure Evil

Scrabble Champ Wins with Vowel Movements

C++ 14 Ratified

Al Jazeera Gouging Gore

Advertising: the Internet's Original Sin

Microsoft Dev Team Debates Renaming Internet Explorer

Site Update: Slashcode 14.08 - Now With UTF-8 Support (And Other News)

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The Register

The Register TRANSMUTATION claims US LENR company

Facebook needs to defend Austrian privacy violation case

Don't even THINK about copyright violation, says Indian state

SDN? More like $$$DN: Sales to soar from $1bn today to $8bn by 2018

ARM64 gets better GPU support in CUDA release

Carbon tetrachloride releases still too high, says NASA

Malicious app can get past Android WITHOUT PERMISSIONS

Cult of T-Mob US wants you to INDOCTRINATE your friends and family

AWS levels up in game of government security – and now one step below classified access

Obama's savior says: 'No suits please, we're techies'

Your Bitcoins aren't money – but it is barter, so we'll tax it, ta ... says Australia's taxman

Tesla: YES – We'll build a network of free Superchargers in Oz

Come up with some 'novel cloud' boffinry, grab $20m from US govt

What a pain in the mass! Euro craft Rosetta to poke its probe in 10-BILLION-tonne comet

NBN Co claims 96 mbps download speeds for FTTN trial

Facebook slings $50k Internet Defense Prize™ at bug hunter duo

Microsoft refuses to nip 'Windows 9' unzip lip slip

VMware vaporises vCHS hybrid cloud service

Cyber spies whip out 'Machete', stride towards Latin America

Get ready: The top-bracket young coders of the 2020s will be mostly GIRLS

HP Storage results: Gloomy, but there's light at the end of the tunnel

Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices

Linux duo land $54m VC Xamarin cash bag

Microsoft: We plan to CLEAN UP this here Windows Store town

Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding

Go on, inhale our G-Cloud via 'Digital Marketplace' –

TELEPORTABLE storage? Atlantis Computing's PR bods jump the shark

Microsoft ropes in Opera Mini as default Nokia dumbphone browser

Just in case? Unverified 'supersize me' iPhone 6 pics in sneak leak peek

Chinese hackers spied on investigators of Flight MH370 - report


Hear ye, young cyber warriors of the realm: GCHQ wants you

Roll up for El Reg's 3G/4G MONOPOLY DATA PUB CRAWL

It's ALIVE: Unstructured data upstart whips out data-AWARE array

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3

Boffins propose security shim for Android

RealVNC distances itself from factories, power plants, PCs hooked up to password-less VNC

New twist as rogue antivirus enters death throes

Apple's iWatch? They cannae do it ... they don't have the POWER

Amazon flicks switch on CloudFront security features

Microsoft, Google link arms on browser vid chat

VMware buys CloudVolumes to speed app installations

Slapdash SSL code puts tons of top Android Play Store apps in hack peril

Microsoft exits climate denier lobby group

Storage, chip slingers pledge allegiance to Linux, open source

Pull up! Pull up! Pull up! Ding ... HP ends eleven-quarter sales nosedive

Did you swipe your card through one of these UPS Store tills? You may have been pwned

Oi! Rip Van Winkle: PATCH, already

Hi-ho EVO: VMware eyes TWO new hardware-flavored trademarks

Need a green traffic light all the way home? Easy with insecure street signals, say researchers

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BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK Doctors may face 'tougher sanctions'

Health experts' food poverty warning

Ex-ministers join Commons clerk row

Councils bar campaigns from schools

Safe standing backed by Lib Dems

Fresh talks due in firefighters' row

Small airports earn passenger praise

Foreign visits 'rose fastest in SW'

London 'Europe's dearest culture hub'

Rare species found in marine study

Lancasters and Vulcan take to skies

Land survey to begin for Disappeared

Suspected Ebola case in Ireland

'Choking' death response examined

Baby killer sentence goes to appeal

GPs criticised over online services

Scots folk singer Jean Redpath dies

Teacher punched and swore at pupils

Comedian read paper while driving

Mackay apologises over text row

Ward through in US Open qualifying

Carlin claims 800m freestyle gold

The fraught world of UK surrogacy

The man who helped bring yoga to the West

Is anti-Semitism rising?

UKIP pledges to cut income taxes

Former Irish PM Albert Reynolds dies

Labour to 'remove' bad energy firms

VIDEO: House of Commons

VIDEO: The MI5 hunt for journalist's killer

VIDEO: Bombers in historic Lincoln flypast

VIDEO: 'Our friend has given us a son'

VIDEO: The UK's battle against jihadists

VIDEO: Funeral for MH17 victim Liam Sweeney

VIDEO: Radio host Gerry Anderson dies at 69

VIDEO: The rise of the water meter

VIDEO: Salmond defends oil predictions

How Sam Cam's ancestor 'reinvented' walking

What are the main reasons men pay for sex?

The town at the centre of Britain

Quiz of the week's news

Analysis: Deradicalising Brits in Syria

Stowaway survivor 'feared death'

'Jihadi John' and fears for Gazza

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FSF: GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back

Thursday's security updates

Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board election results

[$] Weekly Edition for August 21, 2014

[$] GNOME development updates from GUADEC

Security advisories for Wednesday

[$] The 2014 Kernel Summit

Linux Kernel Git Repositories Add 2-Factor Authentication (

Security advisories for Tuesday

Coghlan: Why Python 4.0 won't be like Python 3.0

An md/raid6 data corruption bug

The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board election

Monday's security updates

Kernel prepatch 3.17-rc1

Ten years of OpenStreetMap (O'Reilly Radar)

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