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Slashdot Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

Swedish Regulator Orders Last "Hold-Out" ISP To Retain Customer Data

Mark Zuckerberg And John Doerr Donate $1M To Expand The Hour Of Code Campaign

Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

France Investigating Mysterious Drone Activity Over 7 Nuclear Power Plant Sites

Researchers Claim Metal "Patch" Found On Pacific Island Is From Amelia Earhart

New Study Shows Three Abrupt Pulses of CO2 During Last Deglaciation

Google To Disable Fallback To SSL 3.0 In Chrome 39 and Remove In Chrome 40

Charity Promotes Covert Surveillance App For Suicide Prevention

Vulnerabilities Found (and Sought) In More Command-Line Tools

Getting 'Showdown' To 90 FPS In UE4 On Oculus Rift

Signed-In Maps Mean More Location Data For Google

Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Warg Faces Danish Jail Time

First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix

How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

A Mixed Review For CBS's "All Access" Online Video Streaming

Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Slashdot Asks: Appropriate Place For Free / Open Source Software Artifacts?

Hacking Team Manuals: Sobering Reminder That Privacy is Elusive

Cutting the Cord? Time Warner Loses 184,000 TV Subscribers In One Quarter

Drupal Warns Users of Mass, Automated Attacks On Critical Flaw

Lenovo Completes Motorola Deal

New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight

Australian Gov't Tries To Force Telcos To Store User Metadata For 2 Years

Ebola Forecast: Scientists Release Updated Projections and Tracking Maps

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SoylentNews Statisticians Study Whom Obamacare Helped the Most

Dronecode - A Common Codebase for Drones

Brazil is Keeping its Promise to Avoid the U.S. Internet

The Race to 5G is On

Major Cyber Attack Will Cause Significant Loss of Life by 2025, Experts Predict

Google's DeepMind AI Project Mimics Human Memory and Programming Skills

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to be Gay"

Gottfrid Svartholm Found Guilty in Hacking Trial

Imagining the Future History of Climate Change

Plane Hits Kansas Airport Building

New Algorithm Stretches Computing Capacity

Another Ameleia Earhart Clue

Security Researcher uses RF from Monitor to Beam Keystrokes

Google Developing a Pill To Detect Cancer

A Company Where Employees Are Required To Take Vacation

Sperm-Harming Cell Phone Radiation Foiled Again

Medical Patents and Prices

Greatest Teachers

CurrentC Hacked, Email Addresses Stolen

Hawaiian Lava Flow Threatens Village

Newspaper Outraged After FBI Creates Fake Seattle Times Page

The New Yorker Covers 2600

Hackers are Using Gmail Drafts to Update their Malware and Steal Data.

Prior to Version 1.16, wget Allows for a Web Server to Write Arbitrary Files on the Client Side

The FTC is Suing AT&T for Throttling its Unlimited Data Customers

Burger King and McDonald's Pay Fast Food Workers $20/Hour in Denmark

ISS Resupply Rocket Explodes Shortly after Launch

City Police Tags Show New Layer of G20 Security

CHP Officers Routinely Steal and Share Nude Pics of Citizens

Replicating Hawking Radiation in a Laboratory

Evidence of Life Deep Below the Earth's Surface

Class Action Filed Against Apple for Defective 2011 MacBook Pro Laptops

US Post Office Increases Secret Tracking of Mail

Pope Francis Declares Evolution, Big Bang Theory are Right

New Supercomputer for UK Weather

Crowdfunding Patent-Free Cancer Drugs

Microsoft Working on Open Source Package Manager for Windows 10

US Security Agencies Look at Medical Device Security

Home of "Second Snowden" Raided by FBI

Rosetta Spacecraft Detecting More than Expected from Comet

Cringley: IBM Should Fire Ginny Rometty, Replace Board

Feds Set to Destroy H-1B Records

Microsoft Working on ARM-based Server Software

Astronomy Using Cubesat Platforms

EU Court of Justice: An "Embed" Link Isn't a New Infringement

Email Exploiting Shellshock Targeting Vulnerable Servers to Create Botnets

Hungary to Introduce Per Gigabyte Internet Tax

Closing the Loop on Online Advertising

Cancer Researcher Defamation Lawsuit Involving PubPeer Rolls Along

UT Dallas Team Infuses Polymer Chemistry into 'Minecraft' Modification

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The Register

The Register How many telecoms firms left in Europe? Another mega-billion deal slated in France

One hard ghoulie: 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins

Microsoft patches GroupMe 'full account' hijack hole

Facebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switches

Free government-penned crypto can swipe identities

So long, thanks for all the, FISH BRIGHTER than boffins thought

Multi Jet Fusion is HP's promised 3D printer, not crazy 'leccy invention

Google heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLE

FIFTEEN whole dollars on offer for cranky Pentium 4 buyers

Microsoft gets storage QoS and software-defined storage religion

Plasma-spaffing boffins plan spaceships driven by FRIKKIN' LASERS

Desktop Linux users beware: the boss thinks you need to be managed

Google's Mr. Roboto, Andy Rubin, to bid sayonara

Sony borks fanboi funboxes with dodgy PS4 update

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

CoreOS offers private Docker container registries for world+dog

Brazil greenlights $200m internet cable to Europe in bid to outfox NSA

Verizon set to pay $64 MEEELLION for overbilling customers

Lenovo completes Motorola purchase for $2.9bn – $10bn less than Google paid for it

EE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in Central London

BT: Consumers and cost cutting save the day

Struggling tape bods Quantum a few quids in after good quarter

Samaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' backfires over privacy concerns

NHS quango fatcats spend £2m tax dosh on iPads and iPhones

Watch out, Samsung and Apple: Xiaomi's No 3 in smartphones now

Programming Office 365: Hands On with Microsoft's new APIs

BIGGEST THREAT to Europe’s cybersecurity? Hint: not hackers

Apple dealer CANCOM: We're RAKING IT IN

The ULTIMATE CRUELTY: Sandworm uses PowerPoint against Swiss bank customers

Facebook OCP crowd to ogle MICROSOFT'S server-room SECRETS

Ex-Soviet engines fingered after Antares ROCKET launch BLAST

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Sales down at UK's oldest tech distie: Northamber losses widen in fiscal '14

Samsung's flagging phone fortunes hit profits hard

Keep up with the fast-moving world of flash array storage

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness 'is a gift from GOD'

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

All change at the top of HP's enterprise biz

SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Distie titan TD Azlan to cut ties with Huawei

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO


China set to be buried under mountain of surplus robots, warns biz chap

Humanity now making about 41 mobes EACH SECOND

Microsoft fitness bands slapped on wrists: All YOUR HEALTH DATA are BELONG TO US

Amazon's hybrid cloud: EC2 wrangled by Microsoft's control freak

NASA: Spacecraft crash site FOUND ON MOON RIM

Remember Internet2? It's now a software-defined metacloud

Carders offer malware with the human touch to defeat fraud detection

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BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK Victims to meet abuse inquiry staff

'Do more' to tackle aid corruption

Alcohol 'should have calorie labels'

Ulster Bank to be retained by RBS

Person missing after fireworks blaze

Government to pay off some WW1 debt

Double contest for Scottish Labour

Botanist's family renew appeal

RBS reserves £400m for currency probe

ChildLine seeing more suicidal children

Lavish praise 'does not help pupils'

Independent review of Ofsted urged

Labour pledge to boost English buses

Ebola aid ship docks in Sierra Leone

Farmer fined over dead cattle on land

Two arrested in care home probe

National videogame museum to open

Gormley's new cliff top sculpture

Man charged with Gibson murder

Only MS unit closure 'devastating'

Cuts 'will undo' apprenticeship work

Two people killed in car crash

Scottish Paranormal Festival begins

Contracts deal 'safeguards' bus jobs

Last day for coastguard station

Agency failures over murder victim

Murray seals World Tour Finals place

VIDEO: Halloween: Sporting horrors of 2014

Miracle of Istanbul is dream ticket

The nuclear attack on the UK that never happened

The channel that's spiced up French TV

The Leonardo hidden from Hitler in case it gave him magic powers

End 'robotic' drugs policy - MPs

UK migrant rescue stance criticised

Labour 'must be bold on immigration'

VIDEO: European Scrutiny Committee

VIDEO: Poppy hijab for Remembrance

VIDEO: Lab for world’s worst animal viruses

VIDEO: Where people openly smoke marijuana

VIDEO: Tower poppies artist hails volunteers

VIDEO: UK national sperm bank starts work

AUDIO: Punk poet's praise for Michael Gove

VIDEO: Stars lend voices to poppy appeal

VIDEO: Murphy: 'I'll bring Labour together'

What are Remploy workers doing now?

Moving house: Nightmare or life-affirming?

Quiz of the week's news

VIDEO: Meet the accidental stormtrooper

Timothy Spall: How I became Turner

Murphy talks unity as leader battle begins

Is the traditional metal key becoming obsolete?

'It's business as usual in Austin'

Labour 'wipeout' and Ebola threat

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KVM Matures, and the Use Cases Multiply (

Stable kernels 3.17.2, 3.16.7, 3.14.23, and 3.10.59

Security advisories for Thursday

[$] Weekly Edition for October 30, 2014

A "highly critical public service announcement" from Drupal

Security advisories for Wednesday

[$] A Debian init system GR flurry

Release for CentOS-6.6 i386 and x86_64

Tuesday's security updates

First Jessie based Debian Edu alpha released

The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

Season of KDE 2014

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Now Available

Security advisories for Monday

Qubes OS release 2 available

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